Depression and Alcoholism Treatment

Depression and Alcoholism Treatment at Banyan Chicago

Although complicated enough individually, substance abuse disorders and mental illness may not come alone. Often, the two are connected and many people fall victim to both. Alcoholism and depression are one such example of what can happen when poor mental health and substance use are combined.

The Connection Between Alcohol & Depression

Problems with alcohol and depression are often connected; they can interact with one another in various damaging ways. In some cases, depression may cause alcoholism, but other times, alcohol abuse may lead to depression. When both are present, it is known as a co-occurring disorder.

For some people, when depression goes untreated, they may resort to alcohol to help them cope with negative emotions. Over time, alcohol becomes their go-to coping strategy. Eventually, their consistent drinking will lead to alcoholism. For other people, their heavy drinking can isolate them from others and cause strains in their personal relationships. The more they drink, the more alone they may feel. Over time, this loneliness can develop into depression.

The problem with depression and alcohol abuse is that when both are present, they can make each other worse. While alcohol may initially help someone with depression feel better, it can make the depression worse in the long run. Also, the more depressed someone is, the more likely they may be to turn to alcohol for comfort, which can make their drinking problem more severe. The result is a cycle of self-destructive behavior that can cause both problems to spiral out of control.

Because depression and alcoholism are often interlinked, they have similar symptoms and challenges. Treatment for depression and alcohol dependence involves understanding the relationship between the two. It is important to discover how these problems overlap and feed into one another in order to find lasting success in success. Various mental health and substance abuse therapies are then used to break the connection between the two. Neglecting to address both issues in the recovery process will likely lead to relapse.

Help with Drinking & Depression at Banyan Chicago

As an alcohol and depression treatment center in Chicago, we help people not only get sober but also manage their depression. Because every patient’s struggle is unique, each patient will begin treatment with a full clinical assessment of their physical and mental health needs. This comprehensive evaluation allows our rehab staff to create an individualized treatment plan that gives the patient their greatest chance of recovery from both problems.

Once an alcohol and depression treatment plan is in place, patients will participate in several different programs and therapies on a regular basis to address both issues separately as well as together.

Some of this programming may include:

The professionals at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Chicago will help determine which therapy approach is the best fit for treatment and monitor every patient’s progress. Patients will be placed in different levels of care depending on their needs and will transition to less intensive treatment programs as they make progress.

Because mental health and addiction are often connected, it is important to find care that will examine both issues. To learn more about our alcohol and depression treatment for yourself or a loved one, contact us today.


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