Opiate Addiction

May 5, 2021

Benefits of Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is an effective form of psychotherapy that’s often used to treat mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Visit us here to learn about the benefits of Gestalt Therapy.
April 28, 2021
movies about addiction recovery

Movies About Addiction Recovery

If you’re struggling to find something fun to do during recovery, we know just what you need. We’re sharing a list of movies about addiction recovery that are both entertaining and insightful.
April 16, 2021
side effects of muscle relaxers

Side Effects of Muscle Relaxers

Muscle relaxers are medications that reduce muscle stiffness and alleviate pain. But like many other drugs, they aren’t completely safe. Learn more about the side effects of muscle relaxers here.
April 6, 2021
the stages of addiction recovery

The Stages of Addiction Recovery

The stages of addiction recovery, also known as the transtheoretical model, represent the various changes addicts go through from the beginning of their treatment to their life after rehab.
March 30, 2021
promethazine and codeine

Promethazine and Codeine

There are certain combinations of medications that doctors will prescribe to treat certain ailments, but these never come without their dangers. Learn more about why promethazine and codeine are mixed and their dangers.
March 30, 2021
Fredrik Eklund

Million Dollar Listing Star Fredrik Eklund Celebrates 160 Days Sober

Fredrik Eklund from “Million Dollar Listing New York” celebrates 160 days sober. Learn more about this amazing milestone here!
March 23, 2021
psychological aspect of addiction

The Psychological Aspect of Addiction

While the physical effects of substance abuse are well known, what about the psychological aspect of addiction? Learn the truth behind the psychology of addiction.
March 19, 2021
sober weekend

How to Stay Sober on the Weekend (& Still Have Fun)

Being in recovery for alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. These tips on how to stay sober on the weekend can help you stay in recovery and enjoy doing it.
March 17, 2021

Demi Lovato Thought Smoking Heroin Would Be Safer Than Injecting It

Demi Lovato thought smoking heroin would be safer than injecting it, but this is far from the truth. Visit us here to read about her experience with heroin and her relapse in 2018.
March 17, 2021
Relationship Between OCD and Addiction

Relationship Between OCD and Addiction

Earth Day and addiction recovery are similar in that they both promote healing. Visit us here for some ways to celebrate Earth Day in addiction recovery and heal in the great outdoors.
March 1, 2021
The Opioid Epidemic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Opioid Epidemic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The latest opioid epidemic began in the late 1990s and has since affected the lives of millions in the U.S. Visit us here for an update on the opioid epidemic during COVID-19 and efforts being made to eliminate it.
January 19, 2021
Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

There have been many efforts to address the opioid epidemic and the problems it’s caused in the United States. Visit us here for more information about medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and its efforts to address opioid and alcohol addiction.
October 23, 2020
How Opioids Affect the Brain

How Opioids Affect the Brain

Opioids are often prescribed to treat pain, but many people don’t know much about them. Visit us here to learn more about how opioids affect the brain.
March 10, 2020
woman protesting for safe injection sites

Are Safe Injection Sites in Chicago the Next Step?

With the opioid epidemic gripping the nation, Chicago is no exception. At Banyan Chicago, we are sharing some insight on how safe injection sites in Chicago could make a big difference.