Benzo Treatment Program

Benzo Treatment at Banyan Chicago

Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, are a type of psychoactive prescription drugs that are used to treat high levels of anxiety, panic attacks, sleeping disorders, and seizure prevention, among other challenges.

These prescribed medications are tranquilizers intended for short term use, however, they have the potential to be highly addictive if misused. Benzo addiction can be very dangerous because the constant use of these drugs can cause persistent brain chemical changes. While they are prescribed and technically legal, benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan, and Valium can be a threat to one’s overall health when misused and taken more than prescribed. Prescription drug abuse is a major concern in this country and more and more people are becoming physically dependent on these drugs. While this addiction is a full-blown disease, there is treatment available that can help individuals fully overcome substance abuse and enter recovery.

What is Benzo Addiction Treatment?

Individuals who are addicted to these prescription drugs may experience health problems when they try to quit on their own. Benzo addiction treatment often begins with a medical detox that will get rid of the toxins in one’s body. During the detox process, individuals will likely experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can be regulated with medical care and supervision. Once stabilized, a patient will then go through an inpatient or partial hospitalization program that will further aid in their recovery efforts. Patients can expect to participate in unique therapy methods that will help them get to the root of the addiction. During treatment, these individuals will learn how to manage future drug cravings that will likely be present in recovery.

Customized Benzo Addiction Treatment in Chicago

Our drug rehab in Chicago utilizes the best treatment methods and our programming is completely customized for the patient and their needs. A benzo addiction treatment plan at our drug and alcohol treatment center comes with intense therapy sessions including individual and group settings, education on the disease of addiction, family support groups, relapse prevention techniques, aftercare programs and so much more. Our benzo addiction treatment program in Chicago helps people truly overcome this disease so they can create a happier and healthier lifestyle moving forward. Once treatment is completed, we develop an aftercare program that connects patients to the best recovery resources in the area. Just because treatment ends does not mean that our support at Banyan Treatment Center does.

Banyan Treatment Center’s main goals are to constantly support our patients during their recovery journey and always encourage their continuous growth outside of treatment.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a benzo addiction, help is available. Contact our drug rehab in Chicago today to learn more about our benzo addiction treatment program and the different levels of care we provide. It’s not too late to start over and take control over your addiction.

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  • <span style=Helen R." />

    "Banyan Treatment Center was a life-changing experience for me. When I got here, I was planning on continuing to use, but with the help of staff and the community I was convinced to stay through the whole program, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made."

    Helen R.
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    "My experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff is excellent, they all went way out of their way to help me with whatever I needed. They gave me the tools i needed to succeed, and were always there for me when I completed the program and when I fell short. Thank you so much Banyan!"

    Justin M.
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    "Banyan was able to help me more than words can describe. They helped me save my life. I called in not really knowing what to expect or anything about treatment and the people I spoke with were able to walk me through every step of the way."

    Angie M.

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