National Prevention Week: How Drug Addiction Starts

national prevention week 2019

Everyone drinks in high school. Everyone experiments with drugs in college.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I had a long day. I deserve to have fun. There are a million excuses people use to try and justify their addiction, but the fact of the matter is that addiction is a serious problem. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) found that in 2014 an estimated 21.5 million Americans had a substance abuse disorder. [1]

Because of the prevalence of addiction and mental health disorders in the United States, the SAMHSA National Prevention Week this year from May 12 to the 18 will look to raise awareness for substance use disorders and mental health issues. As a dual diagnosis treatment center in Chicago, we will be observing this week as well.

Signs of Addiction

The goal of National Prevention Week is to raise awareness on the importance of prevention of substance abuse disorders as well as mental health disorders since unfortunately the two often go together. [2] One of the biggest parts of prevention is recognizing the signs of addiction. At Banyan Chicago, we are all too familiar with the downward spiral that is addiction. Keep your loved one from falling any further into this spiral by learning to recognize the signs of drug addiction and getting them help immediately with our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago if needed.

When someone becomes addicted to drugs their physical appearance may begin to change. You may notice drastic weight changes, dead eyes, and poor grooming habits overall. If your loved one goes from always looking nice to always looking like they just rolled out of bed, they may have an addiction problem that requires PHP treatment.

Along with their physical appearance, consistent addiction will also often change a person’s behavior. Your lovable husband may turn into a stranger seemingly overnight. Some common signs of addiction may be odd sleeping habits, increased secretiveness, lying, social withdrawal, and neurotic tendencies. You may also notice that your loved one has a high tolerance for drugs or alcohol and will begin to use them more regularly. Sometimes people feel more inclined to participate in risky behavior that could even lead to legal trouble.

If your loved one is an addict, it is not too late to get them help with our alcohol and drug rehab. Prevent them from falling deeper into their addiction and the dangers that come with it.

Reach out to us at 888-280-4763 to learn more about our treatment centers in Illinois and to help them on their way to sober living.


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