The Future of Addiction Treatment (VR for treatment)

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There are so many methodologies and therapies that are utilized in the addiction treatment process, and there are many factors that come into play for the best treatment option for an individual.

Addiction treatment has always been complex, and as time goes on, innovative technologies have aided in the process. There is simply no one-size-fits-all approach for treatment, as everyone will require a customized treatment plan for their needs and recovery goals. Combining evidence-based therapy methods with new technologies will be the best option for long-term success. The professionals at our drug rehab in Chicago believe that virtual reality for addiction treatment is an advancement that can help so many individuals overcome this disease and live a happy and healthy life in recovery. We explain the future of addiction treatment and how new approaches can help guide the recovery journey.

Virtual Reality for Addiction Treatment

A virtual reality program for addiction treatment allows individuals to feel as though they are in a real scenario that would spark triggers to use again. During this scenario, a therapist will be right by the side of the individual, talking them through the challenges so they can actively break away from the cravings. Patients will be able to navigate numerous scenarios through a virtual reality headset, such as a bar scene or a party filled with alcohol and drugs. Patients will never fully understand how they might react to certain situations while in recovery, so this innovative treatment approach allows individuals to be physically present in a risky situation.

Other Addiction Treatment Advancements

We have seen the rise of Narcan, which is a drug that can reverse the affects of an opiate overdose. With the growing availability of Narcan, many people can survive an attempted or accidental overdose and seek the treatment needed for effective recovery. Addiction treatment is now more customized than ever to meet the individual’s needs. Holistic addiction treatment is becoming more and more popular. Treating the mind, body, and spirit will be a main focus during this approach. 

With new advancements in the addiction treatment field, Banyan Treatment Center is proud to offer the best and most innovative treatments for all of our patients.

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