The Dangers of Pregnancy and Addiction

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Pregnancy comes with so many changes, and it’s very important to watch what you put in your body during this time.

A pregnant woman will deal with stress and physical discomfort as this major life transition occurs, and it’s very common to feel extreme anticipation. This major stress can lead to substance abuse for some, and there are dangers that all pregnant women should be aware of when it comes to addiction and pregnancy. Individuals who previously had an addiction problem before pregnancy may find it extremely hard to quit cold turkey during their pregnancy. However, the complications that can occur during this process need to be addressed. Our drug rehab in Chicago explains the many risks that addiction and pregnancy can pose for women and their newborn babies.

Health Risks for the Mother and Baby

During pregnancy, the mother and fetus share the same umbilical cord and placenta, meaning that the drugs will affect the unborn child, as well as the mother. The severity of these effects is dependent on the drugs that are abused and the frequency of use. With a baby on the way, you want your child to be born with the least amount of health concerns possible. Most of what you consume will be passed on to the fetus, and illegal drugs are especially harmful for a developing baby. A pregnant woman who suffers from substance abuse can cause their newborn baby to be dependent on the drugs once they are born. The long-term health effects can be very severe and detrimental.

Because a fetus is very sensitive to drugs, they can’t eliminate the illegal substances as well as the mother can. This can create permanent damage for the baby, as the chemicals can build up to dangerous high levels.1 The dangers associated with addiction and pregnancy include:

  • Premature births
  • Drug dependency for the baby
  • Birth defects
  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Miscarriages

Because of the many health risks associated with substance abuse and pregnancy, it’s so important that the mother breaks this unhealthy habit as soon as possible. If you are struggling with addiction and you are pregnant, it’s time to get the help you need.

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