How Stress Can Destroy Sobriety

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If you have worked very hard to reach sobriety, you know that your journey came with a lot of ups and downs.

Addiction recovery is a lifelong practice that must be maintained, and there are many factors that can compromise sobriety. During addiction treatment, individuals learn how to handle drug cravings that will inevitably come their way in order to prevent relapses. While stress is a common feeling that we all experience, it can have a profound impact on people in recovery. Stress management in addiction recovery is crucial because the dedication it took to reach sobriety can be compromised and tainted when stress leads to a relapse. The addiction experts at our drug rehab in Chicago explains the dangers that stress presents for sobriety, as well as how individuals can maintain their recovery efforts.

Stress Leads to Relapse

It is important to find healthy ways to unwind and relax when you become too stressed at work or at home. Individuals who once dealt with addiction may have turned to drugs as a way to deal with extreme stress. Now that they are in recovery, any form of stress can trigger these past feelings and emotions to use again. Learning how to manage these intense feelings is crucial to the success of anyone’s recovery journey. People use drugs in conjunction with stress in order to temporarily ease the pain. Just like stress can cause people to start abusing drugs, stress can also cause them to return to drugs when in recovery.

Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Long-term addiction treatment focuses on relapse prevention techniques and providing patients with the tools needed for managing drug cravings. In treatment, you will learn how to handle stress in a real-life setting, and how you can turn to healthy behaviors in order to regroup and relieve the stress. These behaviors include meditation, yoga, or exercise. You will start to feel so much better after clearing your mind. Our drug rehab in Chicago provides individualized treatment that focuses on stress management and effective ways to combat the temptation to turn back to drugs or alcohol.

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