How to Tell if Your Employee Has a Drinking Problem

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Alcoholism is a growing disease that can destroy one’s life if left untreated.

When this disease enters the workplace, this can have direct affects on other employees and the work that is being performed by the company. Addressing an employee that has a drinking problem can help them overcome this addiction before it’s too late. There are many warning signs to look out for in your staff. If other employees are having to complete extra work that an employee is neglecting, this may be a huge indicator that an outside factor such as alcoholism is present. Our addiction treatment center in Chicago provides some common signs and symptoms that an employee has a drinking problem below.

Warning Signs of Alcoholism in the Workplace

If you are worried that an employee is struggling with alcoholism, they may be portraying some of these warning signs.

  • Displaying frequent tardiness or absence with no explanation
  • Work responsibilities are not getting completed within the designated timeframe
  • Unusual mood swings and confrontation with other employees
  • Behavioral changes that result in aggression
  • Physical changes, such as poor hygiene and noticeable appearance differences
  • Frequent breaks or longer lunch periods that seem secretive

If any of these signs are shown from an employee, it may be time to sit them down to address the situation and explain how the other employees are being affected. We also offer a corporate recovery program so that you can get your employees help for an addiction.

How to Address an Employee

It’s important to be transparent and non-confrontational when you sit down with your employee. This person may immediately become defensive or continue to lie about their alcoholism. Everyone reacts differently. Express your concern and how you want to help your employee if addiction is in fact present. Taking the time to leave the workplace and recover will be the best decision and ultimately help the work environment.


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