How to Tell if Your College Student is Addicted to Drugs

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As a parent, you are constantly worried about your child and their well-being. You hope that by the time they are sent off to college that they can make the right decisions for themselves.

College is a time full of new experiences, and your children can really learn a lot about themselves as they transition into this independent lifestyle. When your college student comes home for the first time, you may notice significant changes in how they act or behave. The crazy lifestyle that college can bring may cause parents to worry when it comes to drugs and alcohol. While it’s normal for college students to attend parties and enjoy themselves as they meet new people, addiction can be a serious issue that could potentially stem from too much “college partying”. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago discusses how to tell if your college student is addicted to drugs. At such a young age, you think that your child will not develop a full-blown addiction, but it can happen – and you can help before it is too late.

The Warning Signs of Addiction

The separation from your children that college brings could cause most parents to feel anxiety and stress about any bad decisions that could be occurring. When your child comes home for the summer or any other break, there are both physical and behavioral changes that you should become aware of that could indicate drug addiction. If your child shows significant weight loss, lack in hygiene, or other clear physical appearance changes, these could be concerning warning signs. Common behavioral changes include frequent outbursts and attitude changes towards close family and friends. If your child is constantly trying to leave the house or asking you to borrow money with no explanation, this may be a major red flag. If there is a sudden withdrawal from usual activities with no reasoning behind the absence, there could be drug use going on. Another major indicator of addiction as a result of too much partying is a sharp decline in your child’s grades.

If you are worried that your college student is addicted to drugs, it’s so important to sit them down and have a conversation about your concerns. You should not come from a place of anger, as they could easily become defensive. Having open communication is the best way to start the treatment process.


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