Group Therapy or Individual Therapy?

group therapy

When it comes to addiction treatment, everyone will receive some form of therapy during their stay at a drug and alcohol treatment center.

This therapy can be performed in a group setting, or one-on-one with a licensed addiction therapist. There are benefits to both approaches, as both can be extremely helpful during the recovery journey. There is really no clear answer as to which form is better. Every person will react differently towards a group setting or an individual counseling session. It’s important to explore both therapy methods and how they can help addicted individuals heal. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago provides both group and individual therapy for all kinds of addiction.

Group Therapy for Addiction

During group therapy, individuals can feel supported knowing that they are not alone in their battle with addiction. It can be comforting to hear other stories and be able to relate to people with the same struggles that come with addiction. During this setting, people have the opportunity to offer other people support, and vice versa. The recovery community will come together and help you through your own journey when times get tough. This setting also helps individuals strengthen their communication skills and helps to build confidence. It can be extremely therapeutic to listen to others and relate to what they are going through.

Individual Therapy for Addiction

In this treatment capacity, a patient meets with a therapist for one on one therapy. These private sessions allow the patient to truly get to the root of their addiction and learn effective ways to overcome their struggles. Patients will learn so much about themselves and become more self-aware when it comes to their addiction and unhealthy behaviors. Individual therapy for addiction is structured around the patient’s needs and recovery goals, and each session will show progress in the recovery efforts. Working side by side with a therapist allows individuals to really open up and establish trust in a safe environment.


The professionals at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago understand that each patient is different and will require a therapy environment that best suits their needs. Contact Banyan Treatment Center today to learn more about how we can help you truly recover from addiction. Call us at 888-280-4763, we can help!

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